Organizations of the future need a data-driven people approach for businesses to thrive.

Organizations of tomorrow are dynamic. But so are the professionals working in these organizations. One wrong hire can cost the organization its time, and money. It is essential to ensure and maintain standard practices for thoroughly validating the candidates credentials and understand their behavioural patterns and personality along with judging their skill sets to avoid mis-hires and attrition.


PeopleStrat Consulting is the Indonesian representative for The Myers-Briggs Company’s range of psychometric instruments.The Myers Briggs Company is our trusted partner and helps us provide the best quality assessments including personality and cognitive behaviour. We offer and facilitate a varied variety of certified assessments to cater to your requirements. This includes:


A foundation for life-long personal development


The groundwork for building effective and successful working relationships


A foundation for life-long personal development


Deep and complex insights for leaders


Helping people discover rich and fulfilling careers

Able series®

Aptitude tests that reveal potential

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The quality tested and certified assessments help us in sourcing clients with a deep understanding of their personalities, strengths and characteristics thereby ensuring their culture fit and skills which will eventually provide a data-driven approach to your hiring requirements.

At PeopleStrat Consulting, we ensure you find talent that not only matches your business needs but also checks the boxes of culture fit, value fit, skill fit and character fit. Our process of evaluation encompasses:

  • Technical proficiency
  • Soft Skills proficiency
  • Personality Assessment
  • Behaviour Assessment

Our team uses certified assessments along with their expertise, additional contacts, and referral checks to ensure quality assurance and thereby increase the probability of stickiness of candidates.

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